Who we are


We are growers “for passion”, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of a single product, the saffron, to get the best out of this spice from noble and ancient origins, so we called it “Rosso Fino” that means “red up” for its refined quality, for its fragrance and for its bitter flavor that we managed to obtain by cultivating it with traditional methods but supported by innovative and natural techniques.


We started with the passion of those who cultivate the land with love, respecting the environment and natural cultivation, revalorizing the rotation of the land to restore the right pace to nature. Initially we experimented with a small production in the backyard, until we realized that we could offer to all lovers of Good Food this fine spice, then we decided to propose “a world of pistils” to all those who want to use saffron to enhance the flavor of their recipes. For this reason we have visited and learned the art of cultivating saffron in various saffronanets in central and northern Italy.



Zafferano Rosso Fino is cultivated in Zanica, in the Agricultural Park of the Morla creek and of the irrigation ditches, a natural niche still untouched. The territory of the agricultural park extends south of Bergamo, in the fluvioglacial Plain and fluvial terraced Plain constituting the Fundamental Level of the Lombard Plain, bounded on the East by the Serio river and on the west by Brembo and Adda rivers, at the northern limit of the Bergamo plain . The area is part of the high plain in the transition phase between the pebble-pebble plain located upstream of the springs.

Our zafferaneto is situated in this environment, where the concreteness of the earth is combined with the philosophy of ideas and with the culture of the territory, with the marketing of the product, all in the respect of the sustainable nature; a mix of traditions, supported by modern technologies, rural culture and ancient noble flavors.